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From Cornigliese sheep to felt products

The Little Woolab is a small workshop built for the transformation of Cornigliese sheep wool into warm felt products: vests, hats, slippers, insoles and various objects for the home. All at Km0.

pantofole feltro lana pecora cornigliese agriturismo casanuova

Our first
felt slippers

"After mounting the stove in the LITTLE WOOLAB to be ready to face the first cold, we made the first slippers in Cornigliese Sheep wool felt; washed, carded, felted and packaged by us, this pair is the n°1".

That High School

"The bus soon passed under the house and waited in the cold, so in High school I had a Loden as a gift and that wool, with such a dense texture, protected me like armor and crept into my mind.

In the place where I live, where we build with our hands everything that is possible I always wanted to recreate that wool.

So since 2016 I raise some sheep and work their wool to make hats, slippers, insoles, vests and handbags that you can see here in the farm in the workshop or in some local market."


The magic of felt in the expert hands of Diadorim Saviola

Corniglio Gastronomico Sapori d'Appennino 10 e 11 dicembre, a Corniglio. Pecora Cornigliese e gemellaggi vari... La magia del feltro nelle mani esperte di Diadorim Saviola, con Chiara Motta e Giulia Lanadioscar Garbaccio. Agriturismo Casanuova - Fattoria Didattica

Pubblicato da Anna Kauber su Martedì 13 dicembre 2022



Official supplier of felt products for RES BELLICA

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