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Farm and Agritourism

On the road leading to Casola stands our family-run organic farm Casanuova.

The building is a typical "Tower House" built in local stone. Isolated in a clearing, surrounded for more than 50 hectares of property by green slopes partly cultivated with berries, partly intended for fodder which crown forests equipped with paths and paths, one of which is also made for the blind. The interiors of the structure, renovated in larch wood, welcome about twenty guests in six rooms and two apartments, each with its own bathroom.

The dining room accommodates about thirty people: it is cozy, intimate and familiar with a fireplace that is lit as needed; on the table we serve dishes with our products and/or of the nearby farms, faithful as much as possible to the good practice of km0. 

A multifunctional room that can accommodate individuals, families, groups and school groups is ideal for activities of various types, including playing board games, reading and conversing.

We have a covered shelter for motorcycles and bicycles. Cyclists find the equipment for any simple repairs.

For cars the parking is located inside the property. 

The heating is mostly wood that we collect in the woods around the house. To irrigate the orchard we use the water from a pond that we built at the edge of the forest.

We are an ICEA certified organic company.

If you wish, you can live for a day like us, taking care of the animals or go on excursions on foot or with donkeys accompanied by a GAE Guide.

In the village of Tizzano Val Parma and in the district there are swimming pools, wellness centers, riding stables, tennis courts, volleyball, football, the ice rink and a listed paragliding school. The ski slopes of Schia are 10 km away.


A fireplace, a piano and a flute to warm the atmosphere

The old farmhouse of Sasso is the center of the family-run business; we share a passion for music and for the place in which we live.


What we do

Berries, honey, essential oils, liqueurs, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, jams, mustards, eggs, poultry, sheep and veal, are some of the organic farm products that you can enjoy while dining with us. You can find them directly in the company.

We are farmers guardians of Romagna chickens. Eggs and meat contribute to food. The breeding of bees began immediately: we still keep the first hive that my father bought.

The fodder, all organic, we collect in our meadows and will serve to feed all the animals on the farm.

In the orchard we grow black and red currants, gooseberries, blackberries, osta Almost a hundred fruit trees including pear trees, apple trees and plum trees guarantee us the necessary fruit throughout the year.

In the greenhouse we anticipate the production of the garden and we grow seedlings of berries and ornamental native essences, but also edible or simply interesting.

We transform some fruits of the garden and orchard, but do not leave out the spontaneous ones and the undergrowth. We have a mycologist in the family and herbs are everyone's passion. In the preparation of liqueurs and jams we follow recipes that make the products not only excellent but also special.

In the kitchen we prepare typical mountain recipes of the area such as tortelli, homemade pasta, cacciatore, our meats, mushrooms, cold cuts and fruit tarts, using mostly our products in respect of the seasons.

Our valley is famous for Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Salame di Felino and Colli di Parma wines.

We are in the BIG BENCH circuit

The Giant Benches are an opportunity to change your point of view, contemplating the territory and returning to feel like children. Here you can find passport and stamp of the Big Bench Communit Pro

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More info here: 

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Sorry, for health reasons pets are not allowed

parco dei cento laghi
parco dei cento laghi

Sorry, for health reasons pets are not allowed

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